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1,2,3 April 2016

The Festival of oranges in Muravera is a must with wonderful Sardinian costumes, rich colors, the fabrics preciously handmade, adorned with precious jewels. The days of the festival include a large parade through the main street of the folk groups and knights of Sarrabus from all over Sardinia.

Then “Traccas”, museum wagons describing the environments of agro-pastoral life of the past.

In the evening, folk groups will dance accompanied by the sound of “Launeddas”, to end the day with the awards, dances, and with a big party in the main square of the town. After will parade the masks of “Barbagia”, will be set up stands dedicated to the agro food, live music and bands.

During the three days svoleranno numerous events such as conferences, exhibitions, museums and  competition of Murals, tastings of typical products and musical folk shows.