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THREE-DAY WEEKEND 23-25 APRIL 2016 in camping Porto Corallo



Villaggio camping Porto Corallo proposes for the three-day weekend on 25 April a package of 2 nights/3 days (delivery on arrival in the morning and the day of departure you can free in the afternoon. Stay is free: you can choose the days or any additional nights discounted by 10%):


– the three-room brickwork 3 places:


stay for 2 nights for a total of euro 108.00 (including rent 2 nights/3 days x 3 persons; if the group is more numerous, including other people costs € 6.00 per day of actual overnight, per night up to a maximum of 6 seats.


-for 2-roomed wooden bungalow 2 places:


stay of 2 nights/3 days for a total of € 70.00 (including 2 persons + 2 nights/3 days rental). If the group is more numerous integration for additional persons is € 6.00 per day of actual overnight, per night up to a maximum of 4 people. Any additional nights are discounted of 10%).


-For campsite stay with your motorhome, caravan or tent. Stay from € 13.40 euros for 2 persons + car + 2 place small tent x 1 night.


the booking confirmation can be made by telephone or by mail.




To avoid paying extra you have to bring sheets, towels, and leave the cabin clean and tidy but if necessary you can ask for linen for the beds. Furthermore, you shall differentiate the waste by type, so gear up compostable biodegradable bags/for damp and confer in the appropriate bins various types of waste.


Hoping to have you among our guests, we remain at your complete disposal Village camping Portocorallo – loc. Portocorallo – 09040 VILLAPUTZU 070 9,977,800 997,017 Tel. 070 – website: